Baroque Deconstruction by Keita Sagaki

Fabrik Gallery is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition of Keita Sagaki in Hong Kong. Accomplished artist Keita Sagaki’s interpretation of some of the most outstanding Baroque art is the focal point of his exhibition, “Baroque Deconstruction”

In “Baroque Deconstruction”, Keita Sagaki reinterprets the works of Vermeer, Caravaggio, Rembrandt and Brueghel by drawing countless Japanese anime or manga characters forming a mandala like painting. Sagaki’s desire to interpret the Baroque movement is a dream come true. The artist has deciphered and painted numerous Renaissance inspired works, challenging his own unique anime motif for this exhibition by drawing on some of the renowned Baroque art including “Boy with A Basket of Fruit” by Caravaggio, “Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window” by Vermeer, “Woman Bathing in a Stream” by Rembrandt and “Flowers in Blue” by Brueghel.
Baroque style flourished in the 17th and 18th centuries. It is characterized and known for its boldness and ornamentation, excessive decoration and extravagance of style of art characterized by curving lines, gilt and gold.
Keita Sagaki (b.1984 in Ishikawa, Japan) immersed himself at a very young age in the world of Japanese anime and comics, spending hours drawing countless cartoon characters tapping his innocent and ingenuous imagination. Soon his works were influenced by mandala-style art, re-illustrating the paintings from recognized painters and applying the concept of ‘whole and part’ of Mandala (Buddhism) which defines his concept of ‘deconstructing’ and ‘reconstructing’ a painting. Deconstruction is a form of tracing applied on the image or motif using a pencil and subsequently reconstructing the image by directly drawing the characters and continuing non-stop, each character blossoming inorganically to a more elaborate and sometimes comical characters or widely referred in Japanese as ‘kawaii’ - the formation of spaces, where plants, animals and emoticons fill the entire image. As the Sagaki notes, “I would like the viewer of my drawings to pause and gaze on the re-illustration of the painting ‘Boy with a Basket of Fruit’ by Caravaggio as a work that exemplifies the true meaning of my concept”.
In his first solo exhibition in Hong Kong, Fabrik Gallery will showcase 7 new drawings on paper inspired by some of the most celebrated Baroque masters including Vermeer, Caravaggio, Brueghel, and Rembrandt – the “Baroque Deconstruction” body of work took Keita Sagaki nearly a year to draw. Some of the featured works are “Boy with a Basket of Fruit” by Caravaggio, “Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window” by Vermeer and “Flowers in a Blue Painted Vase” by Brueghel. “If you look closely and within, a world of countless manga characters unfold which ornate my works, bringing into life the old masters in a fresh and distinct practice, and concept.”
The interpretation of ‘Deconstruction’
The word “Deconstruction” is the central theme of this exhibition and is a way of thinking advocated by French philosopher Jacques Derrida. This philosophical term aims to break existing value from Binary opposition and build new value. These fundamentals are similar to my artistic concept and style.
“When looking at my works, changes in viewpoint visually dismantle Baroque classical masterpieces [Baroque painting also has a binary confrontation such as "light and shadow”, “static and dynamic"]. By eliminating prejudice on existing values, I want to create new values from various opposing concepts, for example, life and death, the sacred and the profane, order and chaos, beauty and ugliness, western art and Japanese art”